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Fluid Bed Drying Machine for Sale Industrial SED-GF Series

A fluidized bed dryer (also called a fluid bed drying machine) is equipment used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the moisture content of pharmaceutical powders and granules. The equipment works on the principle of fluidization of the feed materials.

Product Description

Introduction of Fluid Bed Drying Machine for Sale

SED-GF fluid bed dryer machine has fast drying speed and the temperature in the fluidized bed is uniform and easy to control. It is suitable for drying powdery and granular materials with  mixing, granulating, and drying in one step.

The fluidized bed dryer is made of SUS304 stainless steel and has no lubricating parts, which will not pollute the medicine. In terms of cleaning, the inside and outside of the equipment can be washed with a high-pressure water gun, easy to clean without dead ends.

Features of Fluid Bed Drying Machine for Sale

  • PLC control
  • Pharmaceutical quality assurance
  • Pulley type lifting filter bag, no dust shedding, no lubricating oil
  • The cloth bag is oil-proof, waterproof, anti-static, with cylinder automatic shaking
  • Easy to clean the equipment


Applications of Fluid Bed Drying Machine for Sale

Medicine Granulating

Granulating: granule of tablet, quick solved drink, granule used for capsule Coating: granule, pill protection layer, formulated color , slow-release, film, coating for intestines solving.

Foodstuff Granulating and Coating

Sugar, coffee, cocoa powder, cream, powder syrup, amino acid, puffed food.

Granulating for pesticide,pigments, dye stuff

Drying for powder, granule, and block raw materials


Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace & Automotive, Animal Feed & Pet Care, Battery & Microelectronics, Food, Beverage & Nutraceuticals Industrial Materials, Specialty Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Personal & Beauty Care.

Applications of Fluid Bed Drying Machine

Technical Data
Volume (L)500700
Capacity (kg/batch)160200
Power of Fan (kW)3022
Electrical Heater (kW)6372
Consumption of Compressed Air


Air Compressor (MPa)0.6/
Overall Size (mm)4000*1760*34003340*1600*3200
Batch Charging (kg)60100150200300500
BlowerAir Flow (m³/hr)2361348849016032780010800
Air Pressure (mm)(H2O)494533679787950950
Power (kW)7.51115223045
Agitating Speed (rpm)11
Steam Consumption (kg/hr)141170240282366451
Operating Time (min)~15-30 (According to the material)
Operating Temperature ~120℃(controllable)

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