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Horizontal Continuous Bag Sealing Machine SED-FD

SED-FD continuous bag sealing machine operates by the special high-speed motor, able to complete the sealing of various single-layer or composite film bags continuously.

Product Description

Introduction of Continuous Pouch Sealing Machine

SED-FD continuous band sealers adopt electronic constant temperature control and stepless speed regulation transmission system, automatically and continuously run to seal various composite film packaging bags. The machine is also able to finish steel or ink printing on pouches according to specific needs.

Features of Continuous Pouch Sealing Machine

  • Available for continuous sealing work
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Evenly heating and cooling
  • Equipped with emergency stop switch
  • Protective cover design ensures working safety


Applications of Continuous Pouch Sealing Machine

The bag sealing machine can be applied to seal various aluminum foil bags, plastic composite bags, kraft paper bags in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other related industries.

Horizontal Continuous Bag Sealing Machine SED-FD

Technical Data
Voltage220V 50Hz220V 50-60Hz220V 50Hz220V 50Hz
Power (kW)0.750.5/0.85
Sealing Speed (m/min)0-120-120-120-12
Sealing Width (mm)6-106-126-1212
Temperature Range (℃)0-4000-3000-3000-300
Max. Conveyor Loading (kg)53/5
Printing Categorysteel wheel printingsteel wheel printingInk print/
Weight (kg)2523/85
Machine Size (L*W*H mm)845*600*270820*400*300920*370*321025*450*940

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