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Industrial Softgel Drying Tunnel Machine

Softgel drying tunnel machine is used for secondary drying of soft gelatin capsules to reduce water content in the capsule to levels appropriate for product stability.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Softgel Drying Tunnel

Softgel (or soft gelatin) capsules require a controlled secondary drying process to reduce water content in the capsule to levels appropriate for product stability, further treatments including polishing which can be produced by capsule polishing machine, and final packing. After an initial run through a tumble dryer, the most effective way to finalise the drying process is by using a dedicated softgel drying tunnel machine. This ensures the capsules’ water content is reduced to the target levels with a gentle drying that preserves the quality of the capsule shell.

Working Principle of Softgel Drying Tunnel

The qualified soft capsule pressed by the main machine is sent to the rotating cage through the three-way transfer, and the blower is blown into the clean natural wind by the continuous rotation of the rotating cage to dry the capsule pellet. The capsule is left in the cage and when the cage is rotated counter clockwise (the person faces the feed port) by the button on the touch screen of the main unit, the capsule will automatically enter the next section when rotating clockwise. After drying, the capsule can be discharged at the last section of the cage outlet.

Each section of the cage is equipped with three fans. The total air volume is 960m3/h×24, which shortens the setting time. The capsules are shaped and dried when transferring from the beginning to the end, reducing costs and reducing floor space required. The layout can be reasonably extended according to the factory.

Features of Softgel Drying Tunnel

  • Lightweight, self-supporting wall modules for easy on-site assembly
  • All surface treatments and drying tunnel machine components are fully FDA/GMP approved
  • Manufacturer technical support and supervision of final installation to ensure quality
  • “Moist air to dry air” path for capsules prevents skinning
  • Customized design and built to suit your production volumes and plant room


Applications of Softgel Drying Tunnel

The capsule drying tunnel is widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products and so on.

applications of Industrial Softgel Drying Tunnel Machine


Rotary Cage Quantity4 Sections8 Sections
Rotary Cage Speed30r/min30r/min
Power Supply380v 50Hz380v 50Hz
Fan Capacity960m³/Hx12960m³/Hx24
Fan Power200Wx12200Wx24
Total Power5.4kW10.8kW
Net Weight800kg1600kg
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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