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Industrial Spray Drying Machine for Herbal SED-ZPG Series

The industrial spray drying machine features a fully sealed stainless-steel design that is equipped with three grades of purifying devices. The cooling device in the wall is installed at the cylinder body at the top. It can keep the wall temperature below 80 Celsius Degree. The drying machine can greatly increase the ratio of received powder.

Product Description

Description of Industrial Spray Drying Machine

For agglomeration and cooling of the powder, a fluid bed can be installed. In general, a drying machine such as a dryer dehydrator or spray drying machine would be your choice. When the product is turned into powder it must be packed and stored. So we offer semi-automatic and automatic packaging lines for food and feed powders.

Features of Industrial Spray Drying Machine

  • The tower body of the spray drying machine has an air jacket to prevent direct contact between the heating source and the material.
  • The tower body is equipped with an automatic vibration device.
  • The tower body and pipeline have cleaning holes and a sewage discharge hole that can open quickly.
  • Automatic feeding tank.
  • High-pressure washing tower parts.
  • The components that come in contact with raw materials are made from stainless steel.
  • The collecting of raw material adopts a one or two-grade cyclone duster and a one-grade damp duster.
  • The temperature of inlet air can be controlled automatically and continuously.
  • The spray drying equipment is fitted with an air sweeping device.

Application of Spray Drying Machine for Sale

  • Spray drying pharmaceuticals
  • Spray drying in the food industry (coffee powder, egg powder, spices, etc.),
  • Spray drying chemical engineering products


Application of Spray Dryer for Sale

Technical Data
Inlet Temperature150-200 Automatically Controlled
Outlet Temperature80-100
Water Evaporation Capacitykg/h510255080100150200300
Treated Amount of Raw Material Liquidkg/h6-712-1425-3450-6880-108100-135150-203200-270300-406
Output of Finished Productkg/h1-22-44.8-7.29.2-1414.8-22.418.4-2828-4236.8-56.455-85
Electric PowerkW36456399132153204246330
Heating SourceSteam + Electricity
Solid Content of Raw Material%18-25
Ratio of Moisture of Finished Product%3-5
Collecting Way of Product and its EfficiencyTwo grade cyclone or one grade cyclone duster and one grade damp duster≥95%
Automatic ControlIndicator of temperature of hot air and humidity of air exhaust
Overall DimensionsL mm5000550070008000980011000122001410015000
W mm300035004000500057006200700078009000
H mm4500460052006500760081009000985011100

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