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Laboratory Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer SED-XDG-A

A laboratory freeze dryer is a technology that uses the principle of sublimation for drying, which quickly freezes the dried material at a low temperature.

Product Description

Introduction of Small Freeze Dry Machine

SED-XDG-A lab scale freeze dryer uses the principle of sublimation for drying, which quickly freezes the dried material at a low temperature. Then in a proper vacuum environment, the frozen water molecules are directly sublimated into a process in which water vapor escapes.

Advantages of Small Freeze Dry Machine

The substance is always at a low temperature (frozen state) before drying, and ice crystals are evenly distributed in the substance. The sublimation process will not be concentrated due to dehydration and avoid side effects such as foaming and oxidation caused by water vapor.

The dry substance is porous in the form of a dry sponge, the volume is basically unchanged, and it is easily dissolved in water to restore its original shape. Therefore, freeze-drying products can largely prevent the physical, chemical and biological denaturation of dry substances. For example, It’s easy to find that the dryer plays an important role in freeze drying for food preservation. The size of this freeze-drying equipment is also suitable for a home freeze-drying unit.

Applications of Small Freeze Dry Machine

Pharmaceutcal: serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, etc.

Food: fruits, vegetables, meat, sweets, pet food, nuts, protein powder, etc.

appliactions of Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Technical Data
Drying Area (㎡)
Tray Size (mm)280*400200


Number of Tray1434455556
Cold Trap Water Capture Capacity (kg)21.5233561510-15/
Rated Power (W)/85026001200330022502300600033007000
Voltage220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220-240V 50Hz-60Hz220V/50Hz220V/50Hz220-240V 50Hz-60Hz380V 3Phase220-240V 50Hz-60Hz/
Min. Condenser Temperature≤-50℃≤-55℃≤-65℃≤-50℃≤-65℃≤-60℃≤-50℃≤-80℃≤-50℃≤-80℃
Machine Size (mm)/500*400*650800*700*1220450*610*760880*700*1220880*665*1163620*694*1098790*1460*1760660*990*1470/
Weight (kg)/50200120200/130550150/

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