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Large Scale Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer for Sale SED-FDG Series

SED-FDG Large scale freeze dryer lyophilizer uses freeze-drying technology to remove moisture from fruits, vegetables, and other materials, also maintaining the original quality of the materials.


Product Description

Features of SED-FDG Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

The intelligent terminal and remote control software of the vacuum drying machine are developed on the basis of international advanced configuration software, including terminal relay, contactor, original measurement and digital to analog conversion module.

Programmable controller, touch screen and other components: a set of software specializing in the dryer dehydrator industry.

All of the hardware used in the vacuum drying equipment is internationally famous brand products, and the core control system is edited by Siemens professional programmable controller.

Application of SED-FDG Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer

Fruits & Vegetables

Vacuum drying food processing helps preserve vitamins and protein structures. This way, fruits and vegetables actually retain their properties in an uncooked state.

Shell Nuts

Minimizing the residual humidity in dry nuts, either to best prepare them for grinding or to enhance their shelf life.


Gentle drying helps to preserve or condition seed products for further processing.

Grasses & Herbs

Gentle low-temperature drying helps to best preserve your products without high temperatures.

Meat & Seafood

Do you wish to create a new type of snack? Sausage chips, salami chips, ham chips or dried meat, meat chips, beef jerky or any other odd dry food idea.

Feed / Pet Food

Pets love freeze dry snacks. The low-temperature drying system helps preserve valuable ingredients in your products. Find a system to make your dry product without contamination or alteration risks.

Dairy Products

Adding some freeze-dried yogurt cubes to your fitness meal can be a good idea.

Instant Food

Seasoning ingredients of instant noodles, instant soup and instant porridge can also be produced by vacuum food freeze dryer.

Application of Large Freeze Drying Machine

Technical Data
Lyophilizing Acreage (m²)0.2122.16220.1
Shelf Spacing (mm)10070801009060
Power Supply220V/50HZ380V/50HZ380V±10%, 50Hz, 3Phase, 5Wire380V, 50Hz, 3Phase, 5Wire380V±10%,50Hz,3Phase,5Wire380V±10%, 50HZ, 3Phase, 5Wire
Power Consumption
Equipment Weight
Shelf Dimensions (mm)300*300450*450450*900900*600600*6001200*1400
External Dimensions (L*W*H mm)910*670*17001300*900*13501500*1500*20004000*1700*27002500*1500*22006000*2980*2460

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