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Manual Capsule Filling Plate SED-100JCB-A


SED-100JCB-A manual capsule filling plate is used for medicine powder filling of 00# and 0# empty capsules. It solves the problem of capsule filling during small batch processing, production and self-made capsule preparation. It is also a useful standby alternative tool for an automatic capsule filling machine.

Dimensions180 × 180 × 65 mm
Capsule Size

00, 0

Product Description

Working Steps

  • Prepare a capsule filling plate, medicine powder, empty capsules and other materials.
  • Pour an appropriate amount of capsules into an arrangement plate, and use your hand to prevent capsules from being scattered outside. Shake it left and right until the capsule is covered with a whole plate.
  • Press one side of the body plate, and manually adjust all lower capsule bodies until the capsule mouth is upward.
  • Pour powder on the body plate several times.
  • Compact with powder pressing plate. A secondary filling can be carried out after compaction.
  • Pour in an appropriate amount of capsule caps and shake them until all capsule caps are covered with a whole plate.
  • Merge a cap plate with a middle plate. Concave-convex on both sides of a middle plate should face upward. Place it on a cap plate to align it.
  • Lift two plates, turn over, buckle a middle plate downward on a body plate, and align 4 sides.
  • Press hard after merging, then remove a cap plate and complete capsule filling.



SED-100JCB-A capsule filling plate is suitable for small batch capsule preparation production in small pharmaceutical factories, hospital preparation rooms, specialist clinics, cosmetics, animal drugs and other industries, as well as Chinese pharmacies, nourishing health products stores, scientific research institutions, laboratories, and other industries for filling hollow capsules.

Technical Data
Filling Holes100
Capsule Size Options00#, 0#
Package Size (L*W*H mm)180*180*65
Package Weight (kg)capsule size: 0#,0.92kg 

capsule size: 00#,0.96kg

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