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Multi-Dimensional Motion Powder Mixing Blender Machine SED-SH Series

The powder mixing blender machine is a mechanical device that uniformly mixes two or more materials by mechanical force, gravity, and the like. During mixing, it is also possible to increase the surface contact area of the materials to promote the chemical reaction and accelerate the physical change.

Product Description

Introduction of Powder Mixing Blender

With the driving of the main shaft, the loading body of the mixing machine will move in parallel, rotate and roll again and again to make the materials perform a three-direction combined motion (circle, radial and axial direction) along the wall. The mutual flow, diffusion, accumulation, and adulteration of many kinds of materials in the mixer blender machine finally achieves the purpose of uniform mixing.

Features of Powder Blenders

  • The mixing tube is moved in a multi-direction. Materials are moved out of centrifugal force and there is no gravity segregation and accumulation. Each component can be of intervallic weight ratio and the mixing ratio can be above 99.9%. So multi-dimensional industrial powder mixer will be the more ideal mixer.
  • The loading capacity of the tube is large which could be at the largest 80% (ordinary mixer only be 40%). It features high efficiency and a short mixing time.
  • All parts in the tube are circular arcs with precision polishing.

Applications of Powder Mixer Blender

This powder blender machine is used for the high uniformity mixing of powder and granular materials, which are commonly applied to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electron, machine, mining and metallurgy, national defence, and research units.

application of powder mixing blender

Technical Data
Volume of Mixing Barrel


Max Loading Volume


Max Loading Weight


10  (depends on material density)25 (depends on material density)5070100150200250
Spindle Speed


Motor Power


Package Size



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