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Multi-Lane Granules Stick Packing Machine SED-KDB

Multi-lane granule stick packaging machine is used for dosing granule products and sealing them in the form of sticks. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.


Product Description

Introduction of Multi-Lane Granules Stick Packing Machine

The multi-lane granules stick packing machine is used for dosing granule products and sealing in the form of sticks. It automatically completes stick forming, product dosing, filling and stick sealing processes.

The multi-lane granule stick packing machine is suitable for different bag types such as flat, zigzag cutting or another irregular shape punching with a back-sealing style.

Features of Multi Lane Granules Stick Packing Machine

  • Advanced performance, high power, low in noise, compact structure, easy to maintain.
  • Adopts five shaft servo motor, manual electronic interface with touch adjustment, controlled by PLC, precise in step positioning.
  • High degree of automation, machine can finish packing at one time from longitudinal sealing, longitudinal cutting, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, notch cutting, dotted line cutting, transverse cutting to outputting finished sachets.
  • High precision, whole rolling type heat sealing rollers are adopted as sealing mold where four-sides sealing, multi-line sachet form.
  • Easy to adjust, it can automatedly adjust pouch length without changing the mold.
  • Accurate in measurement. Regarding to different granular materials, specially designed of flat shape push-pull type adjustable measuring mechanism.
  • Photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure correct printing with automatic counting function.
  • The pouch packing machine with film automatic correction and damping mechanism, to ensure the straightness and tension stability of film, and make the pouch more smooth and beautiful.
  • Adaptability of the package film. Suitable for most film packing film, such as PET/AL/PE、PET/PE、NY/AL/PE、NY/PE and so on
  • Additional functions, for example, choose dotted line knife or flat cutting knife, abnormal shape knife etc, for sachet cutting and different kinds of alarm requirement can be choosen.


Application of Multi-Lane Granules Stick Packing Machine

Suitable for packing loose, non sticky granule material in the pharmacy, food, daily chemical and other industries.

The multi-lane granules stick packing machine automatically packs granules into stick shaped sachets and seals them. Some common products include Chinese medicine infusion, coffee, beverage mixes, water enhancers, etc. Crystalline materials are also common such as monosodium glutamate, white sugar, salt and so on.

Technical Data
Bag Lengthmm50-25050-16050-12050-120
Bag Width60-85mm50-8550-10550-10550-105
Packing Speedbags/min/lane30-5020-5040-8040-80
Filling Capacityg1-501-801-800.5-60
Sealing FFashion/4 side sealing
Max Film Widthmm3505009001200
Power VoltageV/Hz220V/50Hz380V/50Hz
Overall Dimensionsmm1400x1000x17001680x1280x20501500x1540x22002200x1800x2200

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