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Pharmaceutical Spiral Jet Mill Pulverizer

The spiral jet mill pulverizer is designed for dry grinding of soft to medium-hard materials for pharmaceuticals and certain chemical powders.


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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Spiral Jet Mill Pulverizer

Jet mill pulverizer machines and components are manufactured for precision, reliability, and durability.

The spiral jet mill is designed for dry grinding of soft to medium-hard materials for pharmaceuticals and certain chemical powders.

Principle of Spiral Jet Mill Pulverizer

Several grinding nozzles generate an air vortex that rotates at high speed in the grinding chamber. The feed material is fed to the grinding chamber via an injector. The feed product circulates close to the nozzle ring and thus gets caught up repeatedly in the air jets exiting the nozzles. Comminution is the result of an inter-particle collision caused by the particles flowing at different speeds in the nozzle jet. Because of the free-flowing vortex, a classifying effect is generated, meaning that only fine particles can exit the mill through the center and be collected in a cyclone or filter. Coarse particles remain in the grinding chamber until they have reached the desired fineness.

The jet mill pulverizer is designed according to the special geometry of the mill housing area of the discharge, which contributes towards a finer classification effect and a sharp top-cut. The mill settings can be adjusted by varying the grinding air flow rate, feeding rate, nozzle angle and grinding gas pressure.

Features of Spiral Jet Mill Pulverizer

  • Vertical mill housing for easy handing
  • Stainless steel design, the product contact surface is polished
  • Special grinding zone geometry for products free of oversized particles
  • Micronizing in the ranged of d97=5-40um and yields can be 99.5% of batch size
  • Simple design – easy inspection and cleaning
  • No heat generation
  • Easy to scale up maintaining the same PSD (Particle Size Distribution)
  • Jet mill in top or bottom discharge configurations in Lab system


Application of Spiral Jet Mill Pulverizer

The milling process involves no moving parts or screens and is suitable for virtually any friable or crystalline materials, even materials that are very abrasive.

A jet milling pulverizer is also suitable for cryogenic applications. Furthermore, by precisely metering the product input and air or steam velocity, highly predictable and repeatable graduation and classification of the finished particles is possible.

Jet mill pulverizers serve many applications throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries.

application of Spiral Jet Mill Pulverizer


ModelScale up FactorNo. Of NozzlesAir Flow-Rate at 6 bar g
SED-1QF0.075418 m³/h
SED-2QF0.25445 m³/h
SED-3QF0.46110 m³/h
SED-4QF16200 m³/h
SED-5QF2.518420 m³/h
TypePowerAmplification FactorAir FlowCapacityParticle Size
SED-1QF3.08kW0.0750.25 ( m³/min)Batch size 2-60gD97
SED-2QF8.6kW0.250.8 ( m³/ min)Batch size 50-300gD97
Batch size 300-1000gD97
Batch size 1-5kgD97
SED-3QF19.55kW0.42 ( m³/ min)10-20kg/hD97
SED-4QF14 ( m³/ min)20-50kg/hD97
SED-5QF2.28 ( m³/ min)50-120kg/hD97
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