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Pill Counting Machine for Pharmacy

SED-32S Pill Counting Machine for Pharmacy is a 32-channel counting machine, which is suitable for tablet and capsule counting for large-scale production in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, labs, etc.


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Features & Benefits

  • Widely applicable: Used for tablets (including specially shaped tablets), capsules, gel pills (including specially shaped gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) and most solid granules.
  • Patented: Bottle separation and switching device, no damage to the pills.
  • Anti-dust: equipped with anti-dust sensor technology. Highly stable in heavily dusty situations and works with accuracy.
  • The proprietary right technology for anti-disturbance: The counting signal will be dealt with in a special advanced way and communicated to the control system in high-speed and avoids any kind of disturbance.
  • Patented: Half vibration-filling hopper prevents pills from getting jammed (especially for bottles with smaller mouths).
  • Separating device works in abnormal situations: Bottles will be rejected automatically.
  • The feed-in and feed-out conveying system is integrated with the filler equipment.
  • The empty bottle positioning: A missing bottle can be checked out for filling correctly.
  • Touch screen: Dual language versions in Chinese & English. It can store a multi-group set of parameters; a multi-level password management system that helps protect the data.
  • Easy to maintain: Operators can operate with simple training. It’s easy to remove, clean and change parts, and there is no need to use any professional tools.
  • Sealing for dustproof, with a dust-remove box, reduces dust pollution. (Optional)


Application1. Filled capsule(000-5#)

2. Soft Gelatin capsule

3. chewing gum

4. tablet

5. other solid object under machine range

Hopper Volume (L)90
Capacity (bottles/hr)600-7200

(30-100 pcs/bottle)

Filling Quantity2-9999 pcs/bottle (adjustable)
Bottle SizeDiameter: ≤50mm

Height: 40-180mm

Counting SizePills with a diameter of 22mm or less are compatible with 000-5#  capsules soft capsules with diameters of 3.5mm-22mm plain tablets special-shaped tablets sugar-coated tablets
Compressed Air0.6MPa  5L/min
Power220V/50Hz   1.3kW
Machine Weight (kg)710
Machine Size

(L*W*H mm)

Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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