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PVC ALU Aluminum Foil Blister Pack Machine SED-TP Series

The SED-TP Series aluminum foil blister packaging machine is suitable for blister packing with Aluminum-Plastic, Aluminum-Aluminum, and Aluminum-Plastic-Aluminum. It is suitable for product packaging in pharmaceuticals, food, medical devices, health products, and other industries.

Product Description

Introduction of Tropical Blister Pack Machine

SED-TP packing machine for alu pvc blister is assembled with three parts and can be packed and transported separately, suitable for blister packing with aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum and aluminum-plastic-aluminum.

Based on the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, this model adds a tropical aluminum forming and sealing station, which makes the product packaging more sealed, moisture-proof and lightproof, and improves the product grade. It can be operated independently or connected with other equipment (such as a sleeve shrink wrapping machine, labeller) to form a production line. The ALU PVC blister packaging machine is applied for pharmaceuticals, food, medical devices, health products and other products.

Why Choose Aluminium Blister Foil?

Aluminum foil has a wide range of applications, especially in drug packing because of its advantages of non-toxic, high blackout, oxygen resistance and moisture resistance. With the progress of technology, in addition to aluminum foil applied in the traditional tropical blister packing machine, aluminum foil for blister packaging is also combined with various plastics and paper materials as pharmaceutical packing materials, such as childsafe blister aluminum foil, cold stamping aluminum foil, tropical blister packing aluminum foil suppository powder composite film, etc.

Features of Tropical Blister Packaging Machine

  • Convenient mould changing
  • Closed structure design
  • The equipment design station and power area are separated before and after
  • Standard servo motor traction
  • Horizontal brush dust suction
  • Can reserve connection interface


Application of Tropical Blister Packaging Machine

The ALU PVC blister packaging machine is suitable for packing all kinds of products in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetic industries and so on.

Applications of Blister Pack Machine

Technical Data
Punch Frequency




Forming Area


Section Reference SpecificationsStandard:80×57mm

Reference specifications:80×57  95×65  103×43  120×43

Packaging MaterialNon-toxic PVC hard film: 0.15—0.5mm×270mm

Coated PTP aluminium foil: 0.02—0.035mm×270mm

Tropical aluminium: 0.09—0.15mm×270mm

Cold formed aluminium foil: 0.13-0.015mm×270mm

The diameter of the reel: 70—76mm

Heating Power Consumption (kW)forming heating:1.5

sealing heating:1.5

Power Supply380V/50Hz   10kW
Main Motor100L1-4(2.2kW)
Air Pump Capacity>0.2m³/min 0.6-0.8MPa
Mold CoolingTap water or circulating water, consumption 60L/hR
Table Length



(L*W*H mm)

Weight (kg)4000

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