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SED-60LP Plastic Bottle Unscrambling Machine

SED-60LP bottle unscrambler machine is applied for plastic bottle sorting in round shape. It requires manual bottle feeding and bottles can be sorted and oriented by disc sorter.

Product Description

Introduction of Bottle Unscrambling Machine

SED-60LP plastic bottle unscrambler is suitable for sorting plastic containers in different sizes such as pill bottles. The unscrambler receives bottles in random positions, and oriented by disc sorter. Bottles are placed in an upright position and stabilized for exit to the next device.

Features of Bottle Unscrambling Machine

  • Made of SUS304 food-grade material
  • Full GMP-compliant design
  • Applied for different bottle sizes
  • Simple setup and operation


Applications of Bottle Unscrambling Machine

The bottle unscrambler machine is suitable for sorting round plastic bottles in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic and other industries.

features of bottle unscrambler

Technical Data
ApplicationRound Plastic Bottle
Bottle SizeDiameter: 20-100mm

Height: 20-150mm

(Bottle diameter needs to be smaller than height)

Capacity (bottles/min)30-60
VoltageAC220V  50Hz  Single Phase
Power (kW)0.25
Weight (kg)150
Dimension (L*W*H mm)900*1000*950

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