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Vacuum Drying Machine in Food Industry

SED-FZG-A vacuum drying machine can vacuum drying machine mix and dry the powder, crystal material and granule material for various products. It is commonly used by the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, construction industries.

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Features & Benefits

  • For the heating source, there are many kinds to choose from: steam, electrical, far infrared or steam and electrical
  • The steam heating temperatures used range from: 50-140°C, Max.150°C
  • The electrical heating temperature used range from: 50-350°C
  • There are the automatic control system and the computer control system for users’ selection
  • Commonly used steam pressure 0.02-0.08 MPa (0.2-8kg/cm²)
  • If using the type one electrical heating method, the calculation is 15kW, and the practical use is 5-8kW/h
  • Customizable: any special requirements should be indicated at the time of order
  • The price for the non-standard oven is competitive
  • The use of temperatures more than 140°C and less than 60°C should be indicated at the time of order


Number of Layer5812
Negative pressure (MPa)-0.099-0.099-0.099
Tray Amount203248
Tray Size (mm)460*640*45460*640*45460*640*45
Weight (kg)200015002000
Overall Dimensions (mm)1720*1513*19242386*1657*19201660*280*2150
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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