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Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine

SED-GB-B high efficient automatic tablet coating machine is widely used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film, sugar film, etc. The interchangeable coating machine is an enhanced version of the standard coating machine, allowing for versatile production capabilities across various batches. This adaptable machine finds extensive application in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and food industries.


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Features & Benefits

  • Meets the requirements of GMP
  • Closed environment for coating process
  • Variable frequency stepless speed regulation
  • Equipped eith air exhaust cabinet for dust removal
  • Performing uniform atomization
  • Adjustable position and angle




5105, 10, 204080150250150-270350400500600
Speed of Drum (rpm)3-283-283-283-283-242-202-112-112-112-112-112-12
Power of Motor (kW)0.750.750.751.11.52.2343345.5
Feeding Port Diameter (mm)280280280340380480580580580580580580
Drum Diameter (mm)520580520, 580, 6807509301200150015601560156015601560
Overall Size(mm)1040*980*17801040*980*1780960*1050*19101160*840*18301390*1040*20801700*1300*21002000*1660*22702000*1660*22702000*1660*22702000*1660*22702000*2066*22702050*1940*2500
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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