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Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine High Efficiency SED-GB Series

High-Efficiency Automatic Tablet Coating Machine (BG series) is widely used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film, sugar film, etc.


Product Description

Introduction of Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine

An automatic tablet film coating machine can be used for coating various tablets, pills and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film, sugar film, etc. The film is employed mostly to:

  • Mask the colour, taste, and smell of the original product.
  • Protect the product from physical or chemical harm.
  • Control the release of the product (drug).
  • Protect the product from disintegrating when exposed to gastric fluids.
  • Improve the appearance of the tablet – make a more elegant product.
  • Incorporate drugs or materials in the coating to prevent any chemical incompatibility.


How Does Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine Work?

Our tablet film coating machine features high efficiency, low energy consumption, a small footprint, and more.

The Tablet film coating machine works on the simple principle of applying the coating solution through a set of spray guns on tablets inside the coating pan in a bed that may move horizontally or vertically.

A concurrent flow of heated air helps to evaporate and dry the coating solution. The coating is equally distributed to the tablets through the rotation of the pan. The rotating motion causes the tablets to tumble within the pan. The coating solution is applied to the rotating tablet bed by spraying it in atomized form, which provides a faster and more even distribution. Spraying nozzles are positioned inside the drum to evenly coat the tablets as they are tumbling inside.

Applications of Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine

The tablet film coating machine is widely used in such industries as pharmaceutical, food, biological and others.

applications of Automatic Tablet Film Coating Machine

Technical Data


35510105, 10, 204080150250350400400600
Speed of Drum(RPM)3-243-243-283-213-283-283-283-242-202-112-113-152-112-12
Power of Motor (kW)1.10.750.751.10.750.751.11.52.2335.535.5
Power of Motor for high efficiency filtering hot air


Overall size(mm)1300x1200x22001300x1200x22001040x980x17801400x1000x17001040x980x1780960x1050x19101160x840x18301390x1040x20801700x1300x21002000x1660x22702000x1660x22701400x1000x17002000x1660x22702050x1940x2500

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