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Fluidized Bed Granulator Machine

A fluidized bed granulator machine also called a fluid bed granulator, enables the fluid bed granulation process which can integrate top spray for granulation and drying in one unit. The fluid bed granulator has a modular design, the equipment can be custom designed as 2 bar explosion-proof, heavy-duty 10 bar or 12 bar pressure shock resistant and can be adjusted using various options.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Fluidized Bed Granulator

SED-GFZ multi-functional fluid bed granulating machine uses one-step granulation technology, which combines the steps of mixing, granulating and drying. The operator only need to put the material into the closed container at one time, mix it, spray it into the binder, and form small particles after fully mixing. The hot air is sent from the bottom to dry the wet granules, and the finished dry granules are directly collected.

Features of Fluidized Bed Granulator Machine

  • Mixing, granulating, and drying can be done in one step
  • The atomizer for adhesive adapts multi-fluid spray lance, finish with uniform particle
  • High qualified rate of finished products
  • Quick and convenient to feed and discharge
  • No dead corners, easy to clean

Applications of Fluidized Bed Granulator

  • Medicine granulating and coating: tablet, quick solvent drink, granule
  • Foodstuff granulating and coating: sugar, coffee, cocoa powder, cream, powder syrup, amino acid, flavoring, puffed food
  • Chemical granulating and coating: pesticide, pigments, dyes
  • Plastic granulating and coating: all kinds of plastic molding particles

application of Granulator Machine


Productive Capacity (kg/batch)0.2-0.51-31-5100120250300500
Power of Fan (kW)2.235.518.522223055
Electric Heater (kW)39154554///
Pressure of Compressed Air (MPa)0.350.450.450.
Consumption of Compressed Air (m3/min)0.450.
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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