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SED-GX Automatic Filling and Stoppering Machine for Oral Liquid

This automatic liquid filling machine comes with an advanced design, reasonable structure, can automatically complete the filling, stoppering and capping process for orals, syrup, and more liquid products.


Product Description

Introduction of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

SED-GX automatic filling machine for liquid is one of the traditional equipment combines filling stoppering and capping devices. It can be used as stand-alone equipment or as a part of a complete production life. Easily connect with bottle capping machine, labeling machine and other equipment. This machine complies with the new GMP requirements.

Working Principle of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Bottle feeding: Bottles are fed on to an in-built Infeed turn table, from where it is delivered to SS conveyor belt.

Liquid filling: Bottles will be transported to filling station. The filling nozzles go upward slowly from the bottom level of bottle towards neck during filling, which are also adjustable according to filling dose.

Capping: Bottles filled with liquid will be sent to the capping station.

Features of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

  • Comply GMP standards
  • Each stand-alone machine can be operated independently or be linked
  • PLC control, touch bottle operation, simple and convenient operation
  • Adotps high quality electrical components with stable performance
  • Accurate detection of “No Bottle – No Fill”, “No Bottle – Machine Stop”
  • More choices for quipping with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 liquid filling nozzles
  • Easy changing for machine accessories
  • Customizable according to customers’ requirements

Applications of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

The automatic filling and stoppering machine is suitable for liquids such as eye drops, juice, syrup and other materials into round plastic or glass bottles. It’s commonly used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, healthcare, and more related industries.

Technical Data
Applicable Specifications


Production Capacity



(depends on the size of the bottle mouth)


(depends on the size of the bottle mouth)


(depends on the size of the bottle mouth)


(depends on the size of the bottle mouth)

Top Cover Rolling Speed


Power Supply220V 50HZ380/220V 50HZ380/220V 50HZ380/220V 50HZ
Bottling Coverage>99%
Machine Size L × W × H (mm)2160*1200*1500
Applicationround bottles such as glass bottles and plastic bottles (can be customized according to the different bottles’ character)

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