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SED-GZ Series Dry Granulator Machine for Pharmaceuticals

The dry granulator is equipment that makes granules directly from the target material by using crystals in the material. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agricultural feed, fertilization and other powder processing industries.

Product Description

Based on many advantages, a dry granulator machine is essential for a large selection of active drug production in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for thermosensitive and humidity-sensitive drugs.

Features of Dry Granulator Machine

  • The processing zone and the power transmission zone are completely isolated, so it is neat and tidy, easy to disassemble and clean, and enables the closed production from powder to granule. The tabletop is neatly arranged, compact, centralized in operation, safe and reliable, and has a friendly manual interface that can provide a large amount of information.
  • The contact components are made of high-quality stainless steel, the interior is smooth and spaciously designed, and the outer is smooth and easy to clean.
  • This granulator machine is equipped with a hydraulic system. By adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic system to adjust the pressure between the rollers, the density and particle hardness required by different drugs can be obtained. The interface adjustment is convenient and intuitive, and the performance is reliable. The electric oil pump and pressure sensor are used without manual pressure, and the system can automatically adjust and maintain the set pressure.
  • The control system adopts PLC and color touch screens to improve the performance and reliability of the whole machine control system. The PLC (programmable controller) accepts the operation command through the touch screen, and automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure, the feeder speed, and the roller speed according to the parameters pre-set in the memory.
  • Water-cooled pressure roller, the structure of the inlet and outlet is built-in, and the material will not heat up during the extrusion process, affecting the quality and performance of the material.
  • Transparent working area, making observation more direct and convenient, easy to control and adjusting the quality of the tablet.


Applications of Dry Granulator Machine

Dry granulator machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agricultural feed, fertilization and other powder processing industries.


Technical Data
ModelGranules size
Roll pressure
SED-5GZ20-60545.5 780x850x1500450

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