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SED-GZ Series Dry Granulator Machine for Pharmaceuticals

The dry granulator is equipment that makes granules directly from the target material by using crystals in the material. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agricultural feed, fertilization and other powder processing industries.

Product Description

Introduction of Dry Granulator Machine

The dry granulator machine make granules directly using crystal water from the target material. The finished granules can be made into troches or capsules. It adopts the electromagnetic timing and features a simple structure, stable capability, easy cleaning, and convenient maintenance.

The devices of the dry powder granulator include a lift setup, downward feeding setup, troche setup, granule setup, hydraulic pressure, cooling setup, the shell, and the electrical controller.

Features of Dry Granulator Machine

  • Using advanced electric hydraulics with simple and reliable operation
  • Finished dry powder with uniform particle density
  • Adopt high-efficiency feeding structure
  • Using cooling water circulation system, no sticking roller phenomenon
  • No wetting agents such as water or ethanol are required in the process
  • Not require reheating to dry
  • Less process, high efficiency and low cost


Applications of Dry Granulator Machine

Medicine: pellet granule, capsule filling granule, etc.

Food: food manufacturing particles, seasoning particles, etc.

Chemical: catalyst, pigment, detergent and other particles

application of Dry Granulator Machine

Technical Data
Roll Size (mm)200×25200×80200×100200×120250×200
Roll Max Pressure (T)5×210×210×215×225×2
Roll Speed  (rpm)2-20(adjustable)
Feeding Speed (rpm)6-60(adjustable)
Roll Drive Motor (kW)447.51115
Feed Drive Motor (kW)0.751.12.22.23
Granule Drive Motor (kW)0.751.12.22.23
Oil Pump Drive Motor (kW)0.50.751.11.12.2
Max working pressure of hydraulic  (MPa)1020253050
Roller And Feed Speed Regulation Typeelectromagnetic speed/variable frequency speed control

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