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SED-JHT Series Alcohol Distilling Tower

The main function of the alcohol distilling tower is to separate mixed liquids, and separate liquids by using the principle of different liquids under different conditions, such as different temperatures and different volatilities, to achieve the purification effect. The alcohol distilling tower is suitable for alcohol recovery in pharmacy, food, chemical and select other industries.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Alcohol Distilling Tower

The alcohol distillation tower is a gas-liquid contacting device for carrying out rectification. According to different operation modes, the products can be classified into continuous rectification towers and intermittent rectification towers. The heating methods of the distilling kettle include external circulation type and internal circulation type which are available for selection.

The alcohol distillation tower is suitable for alcohol recovery in pharmacy, food, chemical and select other industries. It serves to reduce production costs and enhance economic benefits. The device can distill the thin alcohol from 30-50% to 90-95%. The alcohol content of discharged residual liquid is less than or equal to 0.1%. It is a device specially used for alcohol recovery.

Features of Alcohol Distilling Tower

The device adopts a high-efficiency stainless steel corrugated filler. The parts that contact alcohol, such as the tower body, condenser, pressure stabilizer tank, and cooling coil are all made of stainless steel and ensure that the finished alcohol is free of pollution. It adopts a dismountable U-type pipe, to facilitate the cleaning of the external heating wall and an internal wall of the alcohol distilling tower.

Applications of Alcohol Distilling Tower

Application of Alcohol Distilling Tower


Volume (L)90011001600200025003200
Recycling Capacity (kg/h)45-6090-100150-160280-300420-450600-630
Cooling Area (m2)11.63334.5
Condensate Area (m2)4916253656
Steam Pressure
Height (mm)550070007000750075007500
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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