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Vacuum Homogeneous Emulsifying Machine

SED-RZ-A Vacuum Homogeneous emulsifying mixer machine is made up of a homogenizer & middle blade stirrer & scraper residues stirrer to form the best mixing setup order to produce the perfect mixed material.


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Features & Benefits

  • Our vacuum emulsifying mixer offers a variety of functions
  • Homogenizing options: upper, lower, internal, and external circulating homogenization
  • Mixing options: single-way, double-way, and helical ribbon mixing
  • Lifting options: single-cylinder and double-cylinder lifting
  • Triple mixing uses an imported frequency converter for adjustable speeds, meeting various technological needs
  • German technology homogenizing structure with imported double-end mechanical seal; max rotation speed of 4,200rpm, shearing fineness of 0.2-5μm
  • Vacuum defoaming ensures materials are aseptic
  • Vacuum material sucking, especially effective for powder materials to avoid dust
  • Emulsifying pot lid with a lifting system for easy and effective cleaning; pot can tilt for discharge
  • Pot body made from imported three-layer stainless steel, with mirror-polished tank body and pipes meeting international standards


Design Volume (L)25506513020025035065013002500
Working Volume (L)20305010015020030050010002000
Heating Power (kW)4468812-1512/2418.5-30
Voltage380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 60Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz380V 50Hz//
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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