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Industrial Powder Sieving Machine

SED-SF industrial powder sieving machine uses a horizontal vibration motor or special vibration exciter as its vibration source. Able to realize continuous work of the automatic feeding line with a high degree of mechanization.

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Features & Benefits

  • With excellent screening precision, the blocking rate of the screen is less than 10% on average
  • Adjustable movement locus and vibration amplitude
  • Wide application for granular, powdery, and serous materials
  • Quick and easy change for screen
  • Easy to clean and operate of wire woven net
  • Long life of equipment span
  • Adopts completely enclosed structure to isolate particulate matter pollution
  • The discharging outlet can be rotated at 360 degrees
  • Low energy consumption and noise of circular vibrating screen
  • Automatically stop if a short circuit, phase loss or unstable voltage occurs
  • Dustproof, waterproof, heatproof and oilproof



Effective Screen Diameter (mm)3905807609101120142017201920
Effective Screening Area (m²)0.12070.22890.41830.63590.94991.53862.26872.7922
1-3S Motor Parameters (kW)0.250.370.550.751.1345
4-5S Motor Parameters (kW)0.370.550.751.11.5455
Number of Layers1-51-51-51-51-51-51-51-5
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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