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Double Effect Energy Saving Concentrator SED-SXN

The double effect energy saving concentrator works with the principle of heating the liquid to create vapor, which is then condensed to form a concentrated liquid product. It is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Product Description

Introduction of Double Effect Energy Saving Concentrator

The double effect concentrator adopts the combination of tube heating external circulation and vacuum negative pressure evaporation. The heater and condenser are tube-and-tube structure, easy to clean. It is especially suitable for low-temperature vacuum concentrations of heat-sensitive materials.

Features of Double Effect Energy Saving Concentrator

  • Configured with a PLC control system
  • Combines the external circulation heating system and vacuum concentration together
  • Evaporation speed is enhanced and the concentration proportions which can exceed 1.2
  • Concentrated in a vacuumed condition
  • Finished material is free of pollution and the organic solvent can also be recovered
  • Steam is used sufficiently, save energy consumption
  • The top of the heater comes with an opening device for easy cleaning
  • Adopts an automatic drainage system which reduces labor


Applications of Double Effect Energy Saving Concentrator

The double-effect energy saving concentrator is suitable for concentrating the liquid in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch, monosodium glutamate, juice, water, dairy, chemicals, etc.

applications of Double Effect Energy Saving Concentrator SED-SXN

Technical Data
Evaporation Capacity (kg/hr)5002000

Oneeffect Heater

Heating Area (m2)≥6.5≥21
Temperature (℃)80-9075-80

One-effect Evaporator

Effective Volume (m3)≥0.45≥2.25
Vacuum (MPa)-0.02~-0.04-0.02~-0.04

Two-effect Heater

Heating Area (m2)≥6.5≥29
Temperature (℃)55-7055-60

Two-effect Evaporator

Effective Volume (m3)≥0.45≥1.85
Vacuum (MPa)-0.05~-0.08-0.05~-0.08
Condensation Area (m2)1250

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