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SED-SPJ Elevating Tablet Deduster Vibro Sifter Machine

The tablet sifter machine is used in conjunction with the tablet pressing machine and has the dual functions of tablet dust removal and lifting. 316L stainless steel is used for all metal parts in contact with tablets which complies with GMP standard requirements. Elevating tablet deduster machine is widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, etc.

Product Description

Introduction of Automatic Elevating Tablet Deduster

SED-SPJ Series automatic screening machine for sale uses the electromagnet oscillation principle to transport the tablets from bottom to top by controlling the continuous vibration of the deduster body to complete the burr polishing and dust screening.

The uphill tablet deduster owns the function of dust removal and lifting, which also can be connected with a tablet pressing machine and metal detection machine to finish tablet production.

Features of Automatic Elevating Tablet Deduster

  • Complies with GMP design requirements: contact parts SS 316 & non-contact parts SS 304
  • The whole production process of the sifter machine for pharmaceuticals is intuitive and visual
  • Amplitude and production speed can be adjusted continuously
  • Noiseless & maintenance free unit
  • Adjustable height to suit any tableting machine outlet
  • Easy to use and clean: components can be easily washed or sterilized
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Suction outlet concentrated on dedusting zone ensures maximum flushing of removed dust
  • Reliable performance, stable and consistent
  • Output depends upon tablet shape and size


Applications of Automatic Elevating Tablet Deduster

This type of powder sieving machine is suitable for dust removal of tablets of various shapes. The whole production process is intuitive and visual. A powder isolation device is added between the sieve plates of each layer to realize the effective separation of tablets and dust.

applications of Elevating Tablet Deduster Vibro Sifter Machine

Technical Data
Production Capacity (pcs/hr)800,000 (φ6mm)800,000 (φ6mm)550,0003000,000 (φ6mm)
Tablet Diameter (mm)φ3-25φ3-25φ25 (Max)φ5-25
Dust Removing Distance (m)7.56/7.5
Compressed Air (m³/h)0.1(0.05MPa)0.1(0.05MPa)0.1(0.05MPa)0.1(0.05MPa)
Vacuum Cleaning (m³/h)2.7(-0.1MPa)2.7(-0.1MPa)2.7(0.01MPa)2.7(-0.1MPa)
Power Supplysingle phase AC 220V/50Hzsingle phase AC 220V/50Hz220V/50Hz110-220V/50-60Hz
Dimension (L*W*H mm)550*550*1500mm550*550*(1350-1500)350*350*(770-950)550*550*1500
Weight (kg)80703880

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