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Water Bath Autoclave Machine for Hospital SED-SM Series

SED-SM water bath autoclave sterilizer machine is designed for sterilizing glass bottle, ampoule, plastic bottle and soft bag. The equipment inner liner is made of high-quality acid resistant stainless steel 304 by welding, with internal surface precision polishing treatment and no cleaning dead angle.

Product Description

Introduction of Automatic Sterilization Equipment

Water Bath Autoclave Machine is used for the purpose of sterilizing and rapid cooling for suspension, emulsion, and easy deposition of the thermal chemical medical solution, oral liquid, or foods. The machine uses high-temperature circulated water as sterilizing medium to sterilize materials by the process of rising temperature, sterilizing, and cooling operation with spray water. During the sealed working process

Features of Automatic Sterilization Equipment

  • Strictly designed and manufactured according to GMP Standards
  • Operates in the sealed circular system to avoid any secondary pollution effectively
  • Wide temperature adjustment scope and good homoiotherm
  • Alarm function of low water level
  • Voltage loss, overload, phase loss, leakage protection


Applications of Water Bath Autoclave Machine

The autoclaves are successfully used in research as laboratory autoclaves as well as in production as industrial autoclaves (in the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry). Often they are used for clinical/surgical sterilization; hormone replacement therapy; laboratory sterilization; nail salon & beauty sterilization; tattoo/body art equipment sterilization.

It is widely used in sterilizing operations of glass bottle packaging, plastic bag packaging, soft bag packaging and other packaging of transfusion liquid.

Applications of Water Bath Autoclave Machine

Technical Data
Designed Pressure (MPa)0.350.3
Designed Temperature (℃)139129
Working Temperature (℃)80-12680-126
Sterilizing Time (min)70-990-99
Heat Average≤+2℃≤+2℃
Control Precious≤0.5℃≤0.5℃

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