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Rotary Tablet Press Machine for Medicine SED-Y-A

SED-Y series rotary tablet press machine for medicine is a single-press, fully-automatic tablet press for pressing granular raw materials into tablets. It is used for R&D and small-scale production in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.


Product Description

Introduction of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine

SED-Y-A rotary press machine for tablets compresses granular raw materials into various ordinary tablets and special-shaped tablets. It is mainly used in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry and is also suitable for chemical, chemical, food, electronics, plastics, powder metallurgy, and other industrial sectors.

Working Process of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine

The events involved in the tablet production process can be divided into 3 stages: filling, compression and ejection


  • Position 1 – The upper punch is raised, and the lower punch drops to create a cavity in the die.
  • Position 2 – The feed shoe moves over the die cavity and granules fall into the die cavity under the influence of gravity from the hopper.


  • Position 3 – The feed shoe moves out of the way and the hopper punch descends to compress the granules/powder mixture into tablets by the progressive reduction of the porosity of the die content and forcing the particles into close contact with one another.


  • Position 4 – The upper punch retracts and the lower punch moves upwards too to eject the compressed tablet. The whole series of events repeats over and over again unit the feed material is exhausted.

Features of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine

  • The rotary tablet compression machine adopts a fully enclosed structure with the operation compartment isolated from the outside. This ensures cleanness in the tablet compressing area without creation of cross contamination with the outside. The compressing compartment is wholly made of stainless steel, which complies with the GMP requirement.
  • The surface of turret is with chrome plating to avoid the wearing of turret.
  • The tablet manufacturing machine adopts the adjustment of speed by means of frequency inversion. The motor is connected with under plate to avoid the motor shaking when working.
  • This machine has transparent glass, which is very convenient for observing the single punch tablet machine working clearly. The transparent glass can be opened, which provides access for easy internal cleaning.
  • An overload protection unit is equipped in the machine to avoid the damage of the punches and apparatus. When overload occurs, the machine stops automatically.
  • Different kinds of impellers for force feeder, to meet the feeding requirement of different raw materials.


Applications of Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine

The rotary tablet making machine is used for R&D and small-scale production in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is often used to produce different kinds of tablets, sugar pieces, calcium tablets and tablets of abnormal shape.

types of tablets

Technical Data
Quantity of Punch & Die (set)10151727
Max. Pressure (kN)6080120100
Max. Dia. of Tablet (mm)25254025
Max. Thickness of Tablet (mm)83-98-146
Max. Depth of Filling (mm)15202815
Rotate Speed (r/min)405-401530
Production Capacity (pcs/hr)24,00036,00015,00097,200
Motor Power (kW)
Overall Size (mm)615*890*1415860*650*16801100*1250*18701240*980*1650
Weight (kg)1000100020001950
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