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Bottle Vacuum Pulsating Autoclave SED-MM Series

The vacuum pulsating autoclave utilizes saturated steam as a sterilizing medium. When saturated steam condenses, it releases a large amount of latent heat physical properties, so that the items to be sterilized are in a state of high temperature and humidity, and after a period of heat preservation, sterilization is achieved.

Product Description

Introduction of Vacuum Pulsating Autoclave

SED-MM Series sterilization cabinet adopts a horizontal double layer structure, and utilizes a pulsating vacuum exhaust method to eliminate the impact of residual cold air in the sterilization room on temperature, fully ensuring the uniformity of sterilization temperature. After sterilization, vacuum dehumidification is combined with interlayer drying to dry the product.

Features of Vacuum Pulsating Autoclave

  • Horizontal rectangular double-layer structure, the inner tank uses S30408
  • The door sealing method is pneumatically sealed and has a double door interlock
  • The vacuum pulsating autoclave has a standard GMP authentication interface
  • Sterilizer piping system: The most favorable configuration of the pipeline design industry, the main accessories are composed of imported and domestic quality brands
  • Sterilizer control system: Siemens PLC + Siemens touch screen
  • The F0 value and the temperature time ensure the sterilization effect, and can also be controlled by a single parameter. Complete sterilization records are available

Applications of Medical Sterilization Machine

SED-MM Series pulse vacuum sterilization cabinet is widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, health, scientific research and other institutions for saturated steam sterilization of clothing, dressings, metal instruments, culture media, and glassware.

applications of Bottle Vacuum Pulsating Autoclave

Technical Data
Designed Pressure (MPa)0.30.2450.29
Designed Temperature (℃)142139150
Working Temperature (℃)13480-126121-134
Chamber Size (L*W*H mm)700*600*600/610*610*1000
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)970*1320*1800/1150*1300*1800
Weight (kg)900/850

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