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Semi Automatic Aerosol Spray Filling Machine

SED-BQW aerosol spray filling machine is designed into semi-automatic type, suitable for filling various foods, medicines or corrosive liquids. It can complete liquid filling and capping at one time, meet GMP standards.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Aerosol Spray Can Filling Machine

SED-BQW semi automatic aerosol packaging machine is designed in one table with a set of liquid filling, valve fixing, crimping, and gas filling respectively. The machine is equipped with a complete pneumatic operating system, which is explosion-proof during operation and safe to operate.

Features of Aerosol Spray Can Filling Machine

  • Comply with GMP requirements
  • The contact part of the whole machine is made of 316L material
  • High quality imported pneumatic components
  • Adopts slideway design at filling area, no can no filling
  • Equipped with an detection system at the bottle entry
  • Machine is customizable according to sample types


Applications of Aerosol Spray Can Filling Machine

The spray filler machine can be applied to fill various regular aerosol products like pesticides, air freshener, body deodorant perfume, spray paint, furniture wax, car dust remover, tire repair spray, lubricants, anti-rust adhesive aerosol, etc.

application of Semi Automatic Aerosol Spray Filling Machine


Production Capacity (bottles/min)25-35
Liquid Filling Volume (ml)0-20/20-130


Gas Filling Volume (ml)2-10/6-24
Liquid Filling Accuracy±0.2ml
Working Pressure (MPa)0.6-1.0
Max. Air Consumption (m³/min)1.2
Applicable Aerosol Can Diameter (mm)16-28
Applicable Aerosol Can Height (mm)35-100
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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