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Semi-Automatic Pills Packaging Machine SED-2BS-D


SED-2BS-D semi-automatic pill counting machine for sale adopts 2 outlet heads. The whole machine complies with industry standards and is suitable for filling capsules and tablets. Equipped with electronic visual sensors to ensure that it does not work when there is no bottle.

Voltage: 110-220V 50/60Hz

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Weight92 kg
Dimensions920 × 780 × 930 mm
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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Semi-Automatic Pills Packaging Machine

SED-2BS-D pill counter is designed in tabletop type, able to pack various granules such as hard capsules, softgels, tablets into bottles. The whole equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, in line with GMP standards. It perfectly realizes precising counting and filling process.

Features of Semi-Automatic Pills Packaging Machine

  • Stainless steel material with GMP requirements
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Adopts a special electrical eye protection device for precise counting
  • Rotary counting design with fast and smooth operation
  • Equipped with dust cleaner to avoid the dust effect


Applications of Semi-Automatic Pills Packaging Machine

SED-2BS-D tabletop pill counter is applicable for counting types of granular products, including capsules, tablets, pills, sweets, grains and more!

applications of Semi-Automatic Pills Packaging Machine SED-2BS-D


Model NameSED-2BS-D
Capacity (pcs/min)1000-1800
  1. Filled capsule(000-5#)
  2. Round tablet 6-18mm, thickness over 4mm
  3. Oval shape tablet: same size as capsules, thickness over   4mm
  4. Pills size between 6-18mm
  5. Irregular shape tablet size thickness over 4mm size same as the capsules. Can’t count tablets with hole in the middle
Power110-220V 50/60HZ 100W
Hopper volume10L For example can hold 10600 pcs of #1 capsule…
Bottle sizeShorter than 240mm
Package Size (L*W*H mm)920*780*930
Package Weight (kg)92
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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