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Simplified Coating Machine JBT-E


SED-JBT-E Series coating machine is primarily used in the compaction of tablets, pills, and coated particles. It can also be used in the food industry in the manufacture or coating of candy. Coating with a shiny polished surface prevents oxidation, moisture, or volatility.

Voltage Options

220V 50Hz, 380V 50Hz


SED-200JBT-E, SED-400JBT-E, SED-600JBT-E, SED-800JBT-E, SED-1000JBT-E, SED-1250JBT-E, SED-1500JBT-E

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Features & Benefits

Working Principle

Pot body clockwise rotation, through the inverter, to adjust the speed pot, gun on the pot-chip re-sprayed coating liquid, so that uniform coating liquid coating on the chip and make tablets tumble in the pot evenly, while the pot Link to hot air, remove the tablet surface water and access to qualified coated tablets.

With reasonable switching, and stable speed to make tablets to create the best logistic curve in the pan, to meet the technological requirements coating.


Coating pan diameter (mm)200400600800100012501500
Capacity (kg/batch)0.52-58-1530-5050-7080-150100-350
Regulating range of air temperatureNormal temperature -70 °CNormal temperature -80 °C
Speed regulating range of main engine (r/min)0~600~460~400~320~320~280~20
Main motor power (kW)0.370.751.
Blower motor power (W)60100200200370370
Air compressorSelf-prepared
Heating total power (kW)1.524466
Package Size (L*W*H mm) one machine: 960*840*1050main machine: 1050*650*1350 coating liquid tank: 770*540*850main machine: 1200*850*1680 coating liquid tank: 940*620*1030main machine: 1630*1480*1710 coating liquid tank: 940*620*1030main machine: 1540*1260*1740 coating liquid tank: 570*900*1040 
Package Weight (kg) 130main machine: 160 coating liquid tank: 65main machine: 280 coating liquid tank: 90main machine: 286 coating liquid tank: 88main machine: 551 coating liquid tank: 92 
Basic Set1. Insulation heating mixing tank

2. Peristaltic pump

3. Spray gun

Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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