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Spoon Dropper Machine for Protein Powder Can SED-TS

The Spoon Dropper Machine created by Sed Pharma works pneumatically to automate the dropping of spoons into cans and bottles. It is an ideal equipment connected with other powder filling line equipment, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of protein powder packaging.

Product Description

Introduction of Spoon Inserter for Protein Powder Bottle

Sed-TS automatic spoon inserter works as a efficient equipment for powder filling lines. It is able to complete spoon sorting, sending and dropping automatically, filling into powder cans, bottles or other containers. Equipped with a sensor detector, the machine will stop working if there’s no spoon or container.

Features of Spoon Inserter for Protein Powder Bottle

  • Meets GMP requirements
  • Made of high quality SUS304 material
  • Adopts sensor detection for accurate spoon feeding
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple equipment structure and easy maintenance


Applications of Spoon Inserter for Protein Powder Bottle

The spoon inserting machine is widely used for powder filling production lines, such as packaging lines of protein powder, coffee powder, tea powder, medicine powder and other related products. It can be connected with automatic powder filling machine, and is suitable to be applied in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetic industries.

Technical Data
Dropping Speed (pcs/min)20-30
Working Principlepneumatic
Working Pressure (MPa)0.6-0.8
Voltage220V 50Hz
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)1500*700*1500

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