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Sterilizing and Drying Tunnel for Ampoules

This equipment is applied for drying, sterilizing, and dehydrogenating washed vials, ampoules, and various other containers.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Sterilizing and Drying Tunnel

SED-RXG-D ampoule sterilizing and drying equipment adopts tunnel structure design, divided into preheating section, sterilizing section and cooling section, dry heat sterilization principle is used for instantaneous high temperature sterilization process in containers; it is suitable for drying and sterilizing ampoules, antibiotic bottles, oral liquid bottles and other medical glass bottles.

Features of Sterilization and Drying Tunnel

  • Automatic air intake, adjustment of air volume, temperature, moisture, and air pressure
  • Made in accordance with GMP standard
  • Proven dry-heat sterilization following the unidirectional airflow principle
  • Customer-specific tunnel design thanks to a modular system
  • Fully automated transport system
  • Flexible pressure zone concept for safe processes
  • Easy integration to complete production lines



Container Specification1-2ml ampoule
Sterilizing Temperature320℃ adjustable
Power (kW)51
Dimensions (mm)4500*1730*2400
Weight (kg)3000
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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