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Tablet Counting Machine for Pharmacy SED-16S

Tablet Counting Machine for Pharmacy SED-16S Series is special for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule, chewing gums, etc. This machine adopts 16 sets of counting sensors for counting with 16 guiding ways and two heads.

Product Description

Introduction of SED-16S Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

SED-16S Automatic Capsule Counting Machine uses the principle of photoelectric counting to count, divide bottles and transport the drug product particles, and can monitor and set all the running data in real-time. SED-16S auto tablet counting machine has two feed openings, and the feeding speed is quicker than that of 8S capsule counting machines.

Features of SED-16S Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

  • Compatibility, high accuracy, wide application and use of the Company’s original anti-dust photoelectric detection of high technology, can count Tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pill count to bottling
  • Vibration blanking: 16-channel vibration uniform blanking, unique turning plate sub-assembly mechanism blanking and discharging uniformly and smoothly, without damaging tablets
  • Dust resistance system: Adopting our company’s high dust resistance photoelectric sensor technology, it can work stably even under high dust conditions
  • Accurate counting: the photoelectric sensor automatically counts, and the counting error is less than the national standard
  • The high degree of intelligence, with multiple detection alarm control functions such as no bottles no counting, self-checking, etc.


Applications of SED-16S Automatic Capsule Counting Machine

SED-16S Automatic capsule counting machine is mainly used in medicine, chemical and food industries. It is widely used in counting and bottling of solid preparations, such as pills, sugar-coated tablets, plain tablets, soft and hard capsules, and other shaped tablets. Suitable for 10-500ml round or square-shaped plastic bottle containers.

The machine can be used independently or also with the automatic bottle unscrambler machine, desiccant inserter machine, bottle capping machine, sealing and labeling machine and other supporting equipment to form an interactive production line.

Tablet Counting Machine for Pharmacy SED-16S Series

Tablet Counting Machine comparison

Technical Data
Application1. Filled capsule(00-5#)

2. Soft Gelatin capsule

3. chewing gum

4. tablet

5. other solid object under machine range

Hopper Volume (L)60
Capacity10-80 bottles/min

(80-100 pcs/bottle)

Filling Quantity1-9999 pcs/bottle (adjustable)
Bottle SizeDiameter: 30-100mm

Height: 40-180mm

Counting SizePills with a diameter of 22mm or less are compatible with 000-5# capsules soft capsules with diameters of 3.5mm-22mm plain tablets special-shaped tablets sugar-coated tablets
Compressed air0.6Mpa  3.8L/min
Power220V/50HZ   0.9kW
Machine Weight (kg)480
Machine Size L × W × H (mm)1560*1530*1700

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