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Tea Pouch Packing Machine

SED-NWCB-S Tea pouch packing machine is adapted to make the disposable packaging of tea leaves, tea powder, and other tea products. It can accurately locate the bag length and sealing position under precise PID temperature control.


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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Tea Bag Pouch Packing Machine

SED-NWCB-S tea pouch packing machine is able to finish automatic tea material filling in the inner bag, tag adding, and inner and outer bag sealing. Meanwhile, an additional device can be adapted to the tea bag-making machine to realize flat cutting, date printing, easy tearing and other functions.

Features of Tea Bag Pouch Packing Machine

  • Stepper motor controls packaging size accurately
  • PID adjustable temperature control for bag sealing
  • PLC programmable control system
  • Conforming to the hygiene standards by made of SUS304
  • Additional devices can be connected for date printing, easy tearing

Application of Tea Bag Pouch Packing Machine

  • Tea Leaves
  • Tea Powder
  • Tea Granules
  • Coffee Powder
  • More

application of Tea Pouch Packing Machine


Sealing Formthree-side sealing
Filling Range (g/bag)1-8
Packing Speed (bag/min)30-45
Inner Bag Size (mm)100≤film width≤160; 50≤bag length≤75

(replacement of accessories is required to change the size)

Outer Bag Size (mm)120≤film width≤190; 80≤bag length≤110

(replacement of accessories is required to change the size)

Tag Size (L*W mm)25*25
Power220V/50Hz, single phase, 3.7kW
Air Consumption15L/min 4-6kg
Machine Weight (kg)500
Dimension (L*W*H mm)1050*750*1950
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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