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Thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine

SED-P Series thermoforming Blister Packaging Machine is commonly used in the food and medical packaging industries, the shapes of blister and mold vary with the shape of the packaged goods.

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Features & Benefits

  • Mold can easily be changed
  • The material is fed automatically (the mould and feeding equipment can be customized)
  • The heating moulds will automatically separate when the machine stops, to protect the material between them and extend the machine’s life
  • Manipulator grip and tow wrapper, straight to and from running, synchronize accurately and stably.
  • Small in footprint, saving room and cost
  • Multi-function: Forming, sealing, code date or perforating, and die cutting
  • It covers thermo and cold forming, plugs assist deep forming for complicated shapes, vacuum/blow/plug forming, etc.
  • Forming materials: PVC, PTP, PET, Cold form aluminum foil, etc.
  • An automatic format positioning system achieves straightforward format changeover
  • Window frame type no-waste-trimming cutter saves packaging materials


Punch Frequency


Capacity (plates/min)3330455050
Max. Forming Area (mm²)90*70140*110250*120250*110350*130
Max. Forming Depth (mm)15-2515-2015-3012-1512-50
Standard Stroke Range (mm)30-8030-12030-13030-12030-140
Air Pressure (MPa)0.4-0.60.4-0.60.4-0.60.6-0.80.6-0.8
Compressed Air Required


Power Supply220V 50Hz  2.4kW380V/220V 50Hz 5.5kW380V/220V 50Hz 8kW380V  50Hz 8kW380V  50Hz 12kW
PVC Hard Sheet (mm)(0.15-0.5)*110(0.15-0.5)*160(0.15-0.5)*270(0.15-0.4)*270(0.15-0.4)*350
PTP Aluminum Film (mm)(0.02-0.035)*110(0.02-0.035)*160(0.02-0.035)*270(0.02-0.15)*270(0.02-0.15)*350
Dialysis Paper(50-100)g/m²*110(50-100)g/m²*160(50-100)g/m²*270(50-100)g/m²* 270(50-100)g/m²*350
Overall Dimension

(L*W*H mm)

Weight (kg)465800120020002300
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
Generic filters