Packaging Equipment

SED Pharma is a leader in pharmaceutical packaging solutions

SED Pharma is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Our cartoning machines are used by leading pharmaceutical companies around the world. We also offer an automatic pill counter and blister packaging machine. Our cartoning machine is available in both desktop and floor-standing models. The machine can be configured to pack a variety of products, including tablets, capsules, vials, ampoules, and syringes.

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Blister Packing Machine

SED offers different types of newly improved Blister Pack Machines.

Sachet Packaging Machine

SED offers a variety of vertical Sachet and multi-lane packing solutions.

Powder Bottling Machine

Available options for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other uses.

Cartoning Machine

Available options for horizontal, automated, vertical and high-speed cartoning needs.

Labelling Machine

A variety of options available for round bottles, double-sided and flat labelling requirements.

Bag Packing Machine

SED offers pre-made pouches, fully automatic aluminum foil bag packing machines, a variety of vertical Sachet and multi-lane packing solutions, fully automated Shrink sleeve label applicators for food, cosmetics and pharma, automatic Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machines (also known as Pillow Packaging Machines) and Sleeve Wrapping Machines designed for fully automatic packaging for products without bottom support shrink packaging.

Liquid Bottling Machine

SED offers viscous liquid filling and capping and a fully automatic bottle wash/fill/cap.

Cellophane Packaging Machine

Mainly applied to the packaging of square-shaped boxes in many industries.

Banding Machine

An automatic banding machine allows you to easily apply straps/bands to boxes, crates, and bundles.

Printing Machine

SED offers printing solutions for external packaging, tablet and capsule printing and glass ampoules.

Effervescent Tablet Packing Machine

A variety of filling and capping machines including automatic and aluminum foil options.

Facial Mask Machine

The automatic facial mask production line is suitable for the production of facial masks of various shapes and sizes

Why Choose SED Pharma for your pharmaceutical needs?

When it comes to choosing a pharmaceutical packaging supplier, it is important to consider all of your options. SED Pharma offers a wide range of packaging equipment, from cartoning machines to automatic pill counters. In addition, SED Pharma also manufactures blister packaging machines and sleeve wrapping machines and a wide variety of industry-leading packaging machinery. With so many options available, you are sure to find the right machine for your needs. What’s more, SED Pharma offers competitive pricing and can even customize its machines to meet your specific requirements. So if you are looking for a pharmaceutical packaging supplier, be sure to check out SED Pharma.