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SED Pharma
Oral Liquid Machinery

SED Pharma oral liquid dosage equipment is designed for the production and packaging of high-quality oral liquids. We provide both automatic and semi-automatic machinery as well as bespoke solutions for particular needs.

SED-GX Series

  • 600-4,800 bottles/hr
  • 10-1000ml filling specifications
  • Bottling coverage>99%

SED-YTG Series

  • 4-8 filling heads
  • Filling range 10-5000 ml
  • Filling speed 800-4800 bottles/hr

SED-SP Series

  • 2,700-18,000 pcs/min
  • 5-15 filling heads
  • Filling volume 1-100 ml/branch

SED-CXP Series

  • 1,200-4,800 bottles/hr
  • Bottle specification 10-200ml
  • Under GMP standards
  • 6,000-7,200 bottles/hr
  • Bottle specification 1-50 ml
  • Under GMP standards

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Oral Liquid Equipment

Quality Assurance:
GMP Standards
Worry-free After-sales:
One Year Warranty
Full Support: Installation
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