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Dryer Dehydrator

Dryer Dehydrator is used to remove water from the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) solution. This machine is also used to create a concentrated API powder. SED Pharma offers a wide range of dryer and dehydrator machines, various freeze dryers, Centrifugal Dryers, Spray Dryers, Fluid Bed Dryers, and many others. We have a solution for your exacting needs.

SED-PG Series

  • 1.5-5 L/batch
  • Min. feeding capacity 80-100ml
  • Max inlet air temperature 250℃
  • Evaporated capacity 5-40 kg/hr
  • Rotating speed 25,000 rpm
  • Atomizing disk diameter 50mm

SED-ZPG Series

  • Tank Capacity 200L
  • Main tower height 7964mm
  • Inner drying tower diameter 3080mm

SED-GF Series

  • 5-800 kg/batch
  • Volume 22-2000L
  • Comply with GMP standards
  • 6-300 kg/batch
  • Volumn 30-1080L
  • Comply with GMP standards

SED-GFB Series

  • 0.2-300 kg/batch
  • Fan power 2.2-55 kW
  • Compressed air consumption 0.45-0.9 m³/min

SED-ZGF Series

  • 800-3,900 kg/hr
  • Rotating speed 2900rpm
  • Drying bed area 2.275-8.1m²

SED-FZG Series

  • 5-12 layers
  • 20-48 trays
  • Tray size 460*640*45

SED-RXG Series

Tunnel-type sterilization and drying, divided into preheating, sterilizing and cooling segments.
  • 10-500 kg/batch
  • Heat dissipation area 8-100m²
  • Air volume 3400-13800m³/hr

SED-WB Series

  • 2.4-60 kg/hr
  • Tray rotating speed 0-6 rpm
  • Microwave frequency 2450±15 MHz

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Dryer Dehydrator

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