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SED Pharma
Granulating Machine

SED granulating machine is a specialized apparatus utilized across diverse sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, and agriculture. Its primary function is to transform powder or solid substances into granules or pellets. These machines are crucial for enhancing material flowability, handling, and dosage precision, while also facilitating control over particle size and morphology.

SED-SZ Series

SED-SZ Series feature efficient wetting systems to homogeneous granule formation.
  • 3-300 kg/batch
  • Chamber volume 10-600L
  • Blending speed 80-600 rpm

SED-GZ Series

SED-GZ Series work by mixing powder, then compress and crush it into whole granules, best for Heat-sensitive and water-sensitive materials.
  • 2-200 kg/hr
  • Roll speed 2-20 rpm
  • Feeding speed 6-60 rpm

SED-YZ Series

SED-YZ Series are equipped with the swing arm, mixing and granulation of the powder materials by oscillating back and forth.
  • 10-250 kg/hr
  • Swing angle 360°
  • Roller speed 65 rpm

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