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SED Pharma
Blister Packing Machine

SED Pharma blister packing machine is a type of packaging machinery used to create blister packs, which are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, medical, and consumer goods industries. Tablets, capsules, or small items, is placed inside the cavities, and the blister pack is sealed to protect the contents.

SED-P Series

  • 1,980-9,600 plates/hr
  • Max. forming depth 35mm
  • Standard stroke range 30-180 mm
  • 1,980-3,000 plates/hr
  • Max. forming depth 50mm
  • Standard stroke range 30-120mm

SED-TP Series

  • 8,400 plates/hr
  • For ALU-PVC blister packing
  • Max forming area 260*110 mm

SED-GP Series

  • 9,000-14,400 plates/hr
  • Max. forming depth 12 mm
  • Max. forming area 240*320 mm

SED-RP Series

  • 48,000-90,000 plates/hr
  • Film width 160-350 mm
  • Film roll diameter 300 mm

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Blister Packing Machine

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