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Desiccant Inserter

SED Pharma
Desiccant Inserter

SED Pharma desiccant inserter is designed to efficiently and accurately place desiccant packets or capsules into packaging during the packaging process. It ensures proper placement and alignment to guarantee the effectiveness of the desiccant in controlling moisture.

SED-GSP Series

  • 600-4,200 bottles/hr
  • Bottle diameter ≤100mm
  • Bottle height ≤180mm

SED-GS Series

  • 600-4,800 bottles/hr
  • Bottle diameter 20-100mm
  • Bottle height 40-180mm

SED-ZGS Series

  • 1,800-4,800 bottles/hr
  • Bottle diameter 20-100mm
  • Bottle height 30-180mm
Applications Applications
Desiccant Packs
Desiccant Packs

These are small, pre-packaged desiccant units often made with materials like silica gel or clay, commonly found in product packaging to protect items.

Dessicant Canisters
Dessicant Canisters

These are rigid containers filled with desiccant material, often used in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to control moisture within pill bottles.

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Desiccant Inserter

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