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SED Pharma’s filling machines are available in various sizes and models, depending on the specific needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. They can range from semi-automatic to fully automatic capsule filling machines that can fill thousands of capsules per hour. Capsule fillers are designed to handle a variety of capsule sizes and types, including gelatin and vegetarian capsules. This professional pharmaceutical equipment uses specialized technology to ensure accurate dosing and prevent contamination of drug formulation during the filling process.

SED-J Series

Suitable for encapsulating powder or granules into gelatin capsules, widely applied in pharmaceutical, nutritional and related industries.
  • Fully automatic for powder capsule filling
  • 7,200-450,000 capsules/hr
  • Capsule 00#~5#, safety capsule A~E
  • Fully automatic for powder capsule filling
  • 12,000-450,000 capsules/hr
  • Capsule 00#-5#, safety capsule A-E
  • Fully automatic for powder capsule filling
  • 12,000-468,000 pcs/hr
  • Capsule 00#~5#, safety capsule A~E

SED-YJ Series

Designed for filling gelatin capsules with liquid substances like solutions, suspensions, or microemulsions.
  • Fully automatic for liquid capsule filling
  • 15,600-36,000 capsules/hr
  • Capsule 00#~5#, safety capsule A~E

SED-BJ Series

Designed for small to medium-scale capsule manufacturing with powdered substances or pellets filled.
  • Semi automatic keypad control
  • 10,000-25,000 capsules/hr
  • Capsule 000#-5#
  • Semi automatic touch screen control
  • 10,000-25,000 capsules/hr
  • Capsule 000#-5#
  • Semi automatic touch screen control
  • 20,000-35,000 capsules/hr
  • Capsule 000#-5#

SED-JCB Series

Suitable for personal use and small scale capsule encapsulation with powdered substances or pellets filled.
  • Plexiglass materials
  • Filling holes: 100-800
  • Capsule 00#-5#
  • ABS plastic materials
  • Filling holes: 100-400
  • Capsule 0#, 00#
Filling Applications Filling Applications



Fine particles of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or other substances are commonly used in capsule filling. Powders may include herbal extracts, vitamins, or other powdered substances.


Pellets are small, spherical or pellet-shaped particles that contain active ingredients. They offer controlled-release properties and are used when multiple drugs need to be encapsulated together.


Microtabs are usually small, cylindrical, solid tablets encapsulated in a capsule shell, each containing a precise dose of a drug.


Capsules can be filled with liquid or semi-liquid formulations. These may include oils, suspensions, solutions, or gels.

Microencapsulated Substances
Microencapsulated Substances

Capsules filled with micro capsules involves enclosing tiny particles or droplets of active substances within a protective coating.


Capsules may contain a combination of different materials, such as a blend of powders, granules, or a mixture of solid and liquid components.

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