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SED Pharma
Mixing Machine

SED mixing machines are employed to combine powders, granules, or solid materials with liquids or other components, ensuring the creation of consistent mixtures. These mixers are essential in the production of pharmaceutical items like tablets, capsules, powders, creams, and suspensions.

SED-GH Series

SED-GH Series mixers able to accomplish material mixing in high speed.
  • 50-80 kg/batch
  • Volumn 150-250 L
  • Mixing speed 100-280 rpm
  • Volumn 120L
  • Bucket diameter 500mm, depth 600 mm
  • Mixing speed 3000 rpm

SED-VH Series

SED-VH Series are designed with V-Shaped chamber, accomplish mixing by rotating and stirring to promote a tumbling motion.
  • 0.8-400 L/batch
  • Max. loading 1-500 kg/batch
  • Rotating speed 10-28 rpm
  • Total volume 2-3L
  • Working volume 1-1.2L
  • Mixing speed 0-60rpm

SED-CH Series

SED-CH series adopts a trough-type mixing barrel design, and the S-type stirring paddle rotates to push the materials to reciprocate and mix.
  • Working volume 50-600 L
  • Mixing speed 24 rpm
  • S-style single paddle

SED-TH Series

SED-TH Series are equipped with a vertical lifting mechanism, easy loading and unloading of materials.
  • Hopper volume 100-1500 L
  • Operating speed 3-15 rpm
  • Working time 1-59 mins

SED-SZH Series

SED-SZH Series consist of two conical-shaped chambers, mixing various materials evenly by rotating.
  • 50-1000 kg/batch
  • Rotating speed 7.8-15 rpm
  • Mixing time 4-10 mins/batch

SED-SH Series

SED-SH Series utilizes a multi-dimensional motion technique, blending materials from various angles and orientations.
  • Mixing barrel 10-300 L
  • Spindle speed 10-16 rpm
  • Max loading volume 7-240 L

SED-LD Series

SED-LD series consists of a U-shaped container and a spiral mixing blade. The overall rotation generates vortex to achieve the purpose of mixing.
  • Hopper volumn 100-15000 L
  • Horizontal ribbon mixing
  • Under GMP standards

SED-FZ Series

SED-FZ Series is designed with a square cone shape chamber, promotes efficient mixing by creating a tumbling motion.
  • Hopper volumn 50-2500 L
  • Mixing time 4-10 mins/batch
  • Rotating speed 12 rpm

SED-EH Series

SED-EH Series employ both horizontal and vertical movements simultaneously for uniform mixing.
  • Hopper volumn 100-15000L
  • Loading capacity 40-5000L
  • Under GMP standards

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