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Industrial Automatic Banding Machine for Packing

​An automatic banding machine allows you to easily apply straps/bands to boxes, crates, and bundles. The types range from manual and semi-automatic to automatic.


Product Description

Introduction of Automatic Banding Machine

Strapping machines and tools are designed to secure boxes and pallets for shipment.

Carton banding machine is often used together with blister packing machine, wrapping machine to bundling products.

The types of strapping band machine range from manual and semi-automatic to fully automatic strapping equipment.

Features of Automatic Banding Machine

  • Easy removal without tools
  • Fully automatic, easy to operate
  • Can be used for bundling banknotes
  • Compact and small footprint
  • Reliable performance
  • Adjustable tightening force and belt size
  • Edge protecting
  • Perfect stacking
  • Large selection of material & machine options
  • A variety of bundled forms: single, double, cross
  • Banding reduces the material cost and waste
  • Useful information (QR code, slogan, label etc.) or graphics can be printed on the banding bar

Application of Automatic Banding Machine

Industrial banding machine is widely used in the printing, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Great for cards, envelopes, inserts, flyers, pamphlets, tickets, labels medicine cartons and so on.

Technical Data
Max Banding Dimensions130 × 130 × 200 mm
Min Banding Dimensions85 × 55 × 80 mm
Production Ability20 bundles/min (10 blisters)
Air Pressure0.5~0.6MPa
Power Supply220V 50Hz
Overall Dimensions1780 × 780 × 1500 mm

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