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Automatic Protein Powder Bottle Capping Machine SED-CG

SED-CG automatic protein powder bottle capping machine is a high-speed twisting capping machine that performs automatic capping for plastic bottles and glass bottles. It is mainly applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, supplement, chemical, food and so on.

Product Description

Introduction of Automatic Screw Capping Machine

SED-CG screw capping machine is a fully automatic capper for types of cans and bottles, such as protein powder cans, pill bottles, etc. It is designed strictly in accordance with national GMP standards and process requirements. It adopts a aluminum foil detection device to detect the aluminum foil inside the bottle cap, and automatically rejects the bottles lacking aluminum foil.

The main transmission part of the machine is placed in the box body, which avoids the pollution of the materials caused by the wear of the transmission mechanism and the parts that are in contact with the product materials are polished with high precision.

Features of Automatic Screw Capping Machine

  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel
  • Adjustable according to the height and size of the respective bottle caps
  • Stable control system
  • Photoelectric bottle Sensing
  • Capping speed can be adjusted freely
  • Emergency stop function ensures safe work
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Applications of Automatic Screw Capping Machine

SED-CG automatic capping machine for bottles is mainly applicable for industries such as pharmaceutical, food, supplement, nutraceutical, chemical industries and so on. Wide application for plastic bottles and glass bottles with different cap sizes.

The machine can be used independently or with other bottling equipment to form a bottle packaging production line. It is compatible with other supporting equipment such as a bottle unscrambler, capsule counting machine, paper inserting machine and sealing and labeling machine.

features of capping machine sed-cg

Technical Data
Bottle Diameter (mm)20-8020-120
Bottle Height (mm)40-12040-120
Capacity (bottles/min)20-10020-120
Bottle Cap Diameter (mm)20-7620-100
Bottle Cap Height (mm)≤20≤20
Power (kW)1.81.8
Power Supply220V/50Hz220V/50Hz
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H mm)2280*1080*19402280*1080*1940
Weight (kg)510510
ApplicationPlastic caps such as normal cap, cap with protective ring, CRC cap, Flip cap, etc.

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