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Automatic Cotton Inserter Machine

The SED-MS automatic cotton inserter machine can automatically cut strip absorbent cotton and insert the piece of cotton into the container accurately and speedily, taking the place of previously common manual operation.


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Features & Benefits

Introduction of SED-MS Automatic Cotton Inserter Machine for Medicine Bottle

Cotton inserter machine adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) and novel high-precision electronic locating system. The mainframe of the cotton inserting machine is variable frequency controlled, so it starts up softly and runs steadily and reliably. If the bottle or absorbent cotton is absent or bottles are jammed, the machine will stop automatically.

Working Principle of Cotton Inserter Machine

Manually load the product to the side of the pulling roller, the equipment can automatically run and feed, pull off, plug the tube, turn to the bottle mouth, and stuff it into the bottle. The equipment automatically sets and fixes the bottle. When the bottle positioning time meets the parameters set by the PLC programming, the pneumatic system automatically changes the bottle. Fully automated operation can be realized; each bottle can be filled multiple times.

Features of SED-MS Cotton Inserting Machine

  • Strong compatibility with other machines.
  • Detection system and alarm control functions, such as no bottle, no work, fault self-inspection, early warning of changing sliver, etc.
  • Special stuffing cotton technology, the machine adopts pneumatic plug cotton, automatically breaks the sliver and plugs it into the bottle.
  • Clean the suction aspiration.
  • Meets GMP requirements of stainless steel and other materials.


Application of SED-MS Automatic Cotton Inserter Machine for Medicine Bottle

The automatic cotton inserter machine is suitable for round, square, flat square shaped plastic bottles with mouths less than 17mm in diameter; it is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and other industries. It is able to be connected to other machines for the complete bottling and filling of production lines.




ApplicationAll kinds of round bottles, square bottles, special-shaped bottles
Suitable Bottle SizeBottle diameter 20-100mm

Bottle height 20-180mm

Suitable CottonCotton roll with diameter 25mm


Power SupplyAC220V 50Hz  0.5kW
Air Consumption0.6MPa

(L*W*H mm)



Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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