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Therefore, the motion precision is highly correlated with the mechanism, and its kinematics and dynamics characteristics are related to the performance of the whole machine. Therefore, the daily maintenance of capsule filling machine is particularly important.

Capsule filling machine under the surface of the transmission mechanism to often add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil (grease) to reduce the wear of moving parts; The main drive reducer should check the oil amount once a month, when insufficient, it should be refuelled in time, and replace the lubricating oil once every half a year; The transmission chain should be checked once a week and an appropriate amount of grease should be added to tighten it if necessary.

Anomaly one, the capsule cannot be separated.

Specifically, if the reason is the capsule itself, it needs to be replaced. If a vacuum pump problem, you can repair or replace the vacuum pump. For example, when the air pipe separated from the vacuum pump is broken, the air pipe is replaced. The vacuum pump filter membrane blocked the need to clean the filter membrane.

In addition, the gap between the module and the shell separator is too large, and the shell can’t be separated. Technicians said that in this case, either adjust the height of the shell separator, or the module or the expansion rod in the module is defective. Need specific problem-specific analysis. For example, when the powder is too sticky, it is easy to block the module, which needs to be cleaned.

Abnormal two, capsule head and tail depression.

This kind of circumstance is capsule shell itself has a problem commonly, need to replace capsule shell to be able to solve only.At the same time, it is necessary to look at the thimble to see if the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted.In addition, increasing the stress area of the bursa can also solve this problem.

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