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Milling quality

Technical personnel said that the selection of the ultrafine grinder mainly depends on the material nature of the manufacturer (including mineral structure, hardness, color, the required product content of each grain, grain shape and other aspects) selection.Different materials need different ultrafine pulverizer.In the selection of their own materials by the ultrafine pulverizer, and then carefully observe the quality of the equipment.

Powder shape

At present, many users are based on the actual installed capacity of the machine, that is, the power consumption (energy consumption) and the required powder per unit time output, and for the powder with special requirements, users often pay attention to the particle shape of powder products.

Secondary pollution

It is understood that because the non-metallic mineral powder products are mostly self-colored minerals, so when choosing ultra-fine crushing equipment, the secondary pollution of products should be particularly concerned.

Test equipment

Technical personnel said that users want to ready to choose the equipment to test for a period of time, because the cost of equipment in the factory cost of the amount of money, the current domestic many equipment manufacturers for the equipment technical indicators is relatively simple, can not completely represent the user a this parameter to the production of powder materials, only for your reference when choosing equipment.Therefore, it is necessary to examine the selected equipment for a period of time.

Auxiliary equipment

"When choosing equipment, make sure you know what you will be using for wear, wear and ancillary equipment."This is because if users choose good equipment with a certain number of wear and tear parts, it will save a lot of time and cost for future production.Secondly, the main equipment itself brings the auxiliary equipment together, which is of great benefit to users.

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