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In the pharmaceutical industry, the filling machine is mainly for pharmaceutical products filling, is a small group of packaging machine products.

In terms of the degree of automation of production, it is mainly divided into semi-automatic filling machine and full-automatic filling production line.From the perspective of material packaging can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particle filling machine, sauce filling machine.

There are three filling methods commonly used when filling liquids.First, the atmospheric pressure method, the atmospheric pressure method is also known as the pure gravity method, that is, at atmospheric pressure, liquid materials flow into the packaging container by its own weight.Most free flowing gas free liquid materials can be filled in this way.

Pressure method is also called pressure gravity filling method. In other words, under the condition of high pressure, firstly inflate the packaging container to make it equal to the pressure inside the liquid storage tank, and then flow into the packaging container depending on the dead weight of liquid materials in the tank.The vacuum method is under atmospheric pressure filling conditions, the main pressure difference vacuum, gravity vacuum.

Of course, the filling machine, like a human, will break down if you work too long without energy or proper rest.When the filling machine is in daily use, the filling system of ceramic pump in the filling machine will be unstable.

Generally, the filling system consists of a dispensing system and a distributor.The dispensing system is mainly used to transfer the prepared liquid to the dispenser or bag. The dispenser is a buffer dispenser and a closed dispenser.

The filling part is mainly composed of rotary valve motor and drive unit, multi-set motor and drive unit, transmission gear, roller screw and ceramic pump.The needle frame structure is mainly used for tracking and positioning bottles for corresponding filling.

Electrical control, filling is through the servo motor position control mode to carry out, can achieve positioning.The following three points are electrical: when the servo motor fails to reach the designated position, the servo motor will alarm and stop filling and equipment;At the same time the control of the rotary valve and filling pump control is the same;Control of needle frame reciprocating and lifting.

Expert analysis, filling volume is not generally due to the drop or bubble production, can try to choose a special sterilizer;Do not mix pump body and pump rod;Minimize the height difference between the installation position of each component. If it cannot be reduced, add another buffer device between the buffer tank and the pump.After each installation of the pump to increase the number of tests, if it is the connection slipknot shaking too much, it is recommended to replace.

In addition, fastening pin frame, such as cannot be fastened, then replace the fastener, silicone tube as far as possible to reduce the length, if there is still shaking, then in the middle of a fastener.Of course, it is also necessary to increase different reuptake formula according to different drug processes, and to lower the reuptake formula in different situations.

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