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Microwave drying has the advantages of uniform heating, fast drying speed, high drying efficiency, good product quality and sterilization function, etc. At present, it is widely used in the drying of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine extract, extract, powder, pill, capsule, tablet, etc.

"Microwave drying equipment to overcome the conventional drying cycle long, low efficiency shortcomings, in the drying process of general materials, can improve the efficiency of 4 ~ 10 times than the conventional method.The industry said so, microwave drying equipment by virtue of its own advantages, in the traditional Chinese medicine drying process has been fully used.

According to introducing, microwave drying equipment is to use microwave technology, direct heating to the interior of the object, 1 kilowatt microwave can be in 3-5 minutes room temperature under the water heating to 80℃, this heating speed is the general drying equipment can not catch up, compared with conventional drying technology, can improve the efficiency of more than four times.

With the rapid development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, microwave drying equipment ushered in a good opportunity for development.However, although microwave drying by virtue of its advantages in the traditional Chinese medicine industry can be widely used, a technical staff reminded that the user in the process of using microwave drying equipment, must put the safety issue to an important position.So, what safety problems should microwave drying equipment pay attention to in use?

Fire prevention

It is understood that microwave drying equipment in the application, the material can not contain metal scrap iron.Because microwave not only can not heat the metal and have the effect of reflection, so the microwave in the metal will stimulate electrons to produce a large current, when the metal scrap and furnace body between the generation of a large current discharge spark, serious will lead to a fire.

The containment

The leakage problem should arouse the user's attention.Technical personnel reminds, if the user discovers the furnace door of microwave drying equipment has convex concave phenomenon, must stop to use, because convex concave closes not strict furnace door can cause microwave leakage.

Explosion proof

Microwave drying equipment can not be placed in sealed items (such as eggs with shells), because the microwave penetration of the internal heating, very fast, can easily cause an explosion.

Regular cleaning

The industry said, should clean microwave drying equipment regularly, timely cleaning the production process fell off the material, so as to avoid the production time is too long after the temperature is too high and the generation of fire.

In the process of enterprise production, safety is a very important step.In the process of using microwave drying equipment, users must pay attention to safety issues, in order to ensure the normal operation of production, to bring profits to the enterprise, rather than the loss caused by safety accidents.

"Whether it is microwave drying equipment, or other equipment, safety issues are the need for each enterprise, each employee high attention."According to the industry, in recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of safety accidents caused by improper equipment operation, enterprises should not only choose regular equipment operation, but also strengthen safety training, improve the skills and operation ability of employees and the quality of employees.

At present, with the fierce market competition, as well as the constant change of user demand, many microwave drying equipment manufacturers also from various aspects of equipment improvement, upgrade, improve market competitiveness.

For example, for some materials are corrosive, microwave drying equipment manufacturers using stainless steel material manufacturing, with good thermal insulation and corrosion resistance.In order to facilitate cleaning, some manufacturers have designed a tunnel structure, fully realize assembly line work, to a greater extent to reduce the labor intensity and cleaning difficulty.

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