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Automatic Tablet Counter Pharmacy SED-16S-S

SED-16S-S automatic tablet counter for pharmacy adopts 3-stage vibration, consists of two conveying 8-channel panels and two discharge ports. It is quipped with high-end control systems and precise sensors, which ensures a highly intelligent counting and packaging process.

Product Description

Introduction of Pharmaceutical Tablet Counter

SED-16S-S automatic tablet counter is especially designed for counting and packaging pills, capsules, tablets, and more other pellets into bottles in high speed. The pneumatic components of the machine adopt the Japan SMC, USA MAC high-speed electromagnetic valve. Controlled by high-end PLC, IO module, HMI systems, easy to operate and monitor working situations.

Features of Pharmaceutical Tablet Counter

  • High quality 304 stainless steel frame, meets GMP requirements
  • Exquisite and friendly HMI operation
  • 3-stage vibration conveying without material stacking
  • Closed-loop control technology of vabration system, monitoring in real time
  • Low noise and smooth medicine conveying
  • Adopts photoelectric sensor for precise counting and filling processes
  • Able to work in high dust environment,  owns high pressure dust removal function
  • Designed in a unique tilt angle layout for better cater to the parabola of falling medicine


Applications of Pharmaceutical Tablet Counter

SED-16S-S tablet counting machine is best for counting types of granular products, the application is not limited to pills, hard & soft capsules, tablets, gummy, candy, electric parts, etc. Whether you are in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, supplement manufacturing, chemical or other indutries. Our machinery can be customized according to your production requirements.

features of Automatic Tablet Counter Pharmacy SED-16S-S

Automatic Tablet Counter comparison

Technical Data
Capacity (bottles/min)20-160
Counting Accuracy99.99%
Filling Quantity per Bottle1-9999
Applicable MaterialTablet: max. Φ22mm

Capsule: #00-#5

Bottle Mouth Size (mm)Φ20-100
Bottle Specification (ml)15-300
Max. Bottle Height (mm)220
Voltage220V AC50/60Hz
Power (kW)1.1
Air Pressure (MPa)0.4
Air Supply (m³/hr)0.5
Hopper Volume (L)30
Overall Dimension

(L*W*H mm)

Net Weight (kg)780

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